Table 1-9: Birthright feats

General FeatsPrerequisites
Arcane SanctumScion level 1+, Arcane spell caster
Battle CasterCapable of casting 3rd level spells, Warcraft skill
Blood FocusScion level 1
Bloodline ProdigyScion level 2
Conqueror 1-
Cultural Arms Training 1Base attack bonus 1 or higher,Proficient with cultural weapons/armor
Cultural Arms Focus 1Base attack bonus +1or higher,Cultural Arms Training, (see text)
Cultural Elite Arms Training 1Base attack bonus +3 or higher,Cultural Arms Training, (see text)
Cultural Rogue TrainingOne rank in all listed cultural rogue skills.
Divine SanctumScion level 1 , Divine spell caster
Dwarven ArtisanCraft skill 9 ranks
Elven ArtisanCraft skill 9 ranks
Great Leader 1Lead 9 ranks
HardinessCon 13
LeadershipCharacter level 6+
Master AdministratorAdministrate 9 ranks
Master DiplomatDiplomacy 9 ranks
Master MerchantProfession (Merchant) 9 ranks
Master of the ArcaneKnowledge (arcane) 9 ranks
Military Genius 1Int 13+
PlainsriderRide skill
Regent Focus-
SeafarerProfession (sailor) skill
Shadow MagicSpellcaster 1+
SpymasterGather Information 9 ranks
Wilderness SavantKnowledge (nature) 9 ranks
Shadow Walker
Shadow GuideShadow Walker
Improved Shadow GuideShadow Guide

Divine FeatsPrerequisites
Daily BlessingAbility to turn/rebuke undead, ability to cast Bless, Cha 13+.

Item Creation FeatsPrerequisites
Inscribe War TattooWis 13+, Craft (Tattoo) skill, capable of casting 2nd level divine spells

Racial FeatsPrerequisites
Elven VoiceElf, Perform (singing), Cha 13+
Spellsong MasteryElven Voice, Still spell,


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